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Posted On: July 31, 2010 | Filed Under: Joe McElderry, News, Sexuality

Joe McElderry Announces he is Gay

Joe McElderry has announced to Gordon Smart of the Sun Newspaper that he is Gay. After lots of speculation about Joe’s sexual preference, everybody now knows what floats 19 Year Old Joe’s boat.

Mirroring Will Young in many respects after a landslide win in the Nation’s biggest TV Show, With screaming girls lusting after him. Then announcing after “I am Gay”.

Will Young announced his own Sexuality after his smash hit Evergreen, shortly after Winning Pop Idol and talking to the News of The World. At the time people worried if narrow minded people would affect his career, those worries proved unfounded and Will Young went on to be a massively successful Singer with a big fan base.

If Joe can now let his singing do the talking so to speak, he knows that this news will not hinder him. Will Young is one of the UK’s most adored Singers. There will be some Girls who adored Geordie Joe McElderry who may take time to get to grips with the news. Will Young proved that the voice is what counts and only Bigots and Homophobic people will give Joe stick. It also opens up a whole new fan base for Joe McElderry too.

Good on ya Joe, now hurry up and get this album out and get the Solo Tour on the road, we can’t wait and frankly we do not care who you fancy or whether they are Male or Female!

We are sure you will be just as successful as Will Young as you both have a superb voice and are loved by all.

Article From The Sun HERE (Opens in New Window)

Read Joe McElderry’s statement over on Joe’s Official Website HERE (Opens in New Window)

Add your comments below or Join the Forum. Are you gutted? Do you Care? Does it Matter? Or now are you pleased that Joe McElderry has Come Out as Gay?

The early signs are as most would have thought, very positive and that its no big deal for Joe McElderry’s fans or the public.

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  1. Paul Naismith says:

    Remember people can be very narrow minded Joe in the end of the day you are who you are and I know how difficult it is to come out ?!

    Take care
    Paul xox

  2. stewart says:

    they say it takes one to know one and i’ve had my instincts proved right. i hope you find love Joe (start looking in Ipswich)

  3. kyle says:

    Good for you m8.. real good luck.. You are what you are it does change who you are

  4. lisa says:

    so proud of ya joe, wots it matter who you fancy with a voice like that jus kp singin and hurry up with the album cant wait .

  5. Robert says:

    I want you to be happy and not to succumb. I’m proud of you! Thank you that you are! Waiting for your debut album. I will support you because I know that it’s worth! You are a wonderful talented young man and your sexuality is a private matter and nobody should be interested. You are a great fan of your biggest Polish – RW. Do not give up! I’m with you my thoughts! Thakn You Joe ! <3

  6. Rhiannon x says:

    Proud of you, no1 cares what sexuality you are with a voice like the one you’ve got you could be a turnip and no-one would bat an eyelid … well … maybe one or two eyelids .. but you get my gist :) Can’t wait for you to do a solo tour … or for your album to come out .. keep up the good work ! xx

  7. Chantelle says:

    i am a little botherd that you are gay because you are just :O soooo good looking and an amazing singer but tbh i dont really care at least no other girl can have you :P …… cannot wait to see your solo tour and your new album to come out! your amazing at what you do so you should be proud of who you are! :) xx

  8. GNR says:

    We all knew anyway. If you are looking for a relationship there will be no shortage of boys, lads or blokes willing to give you a go!!

  9. Barry says:

    i know what its like joe i did the same not so easy we all love you even more. You have made a lot of people very happy with your singing may every day be a new one for you and hope you find mr wright keep up the good work of making people happy not many like you around love you to bits XX

  10. Greg says:

    Congratulations on coming out!!! :)
    i think you’re a brave and honest soul for doing it. I’m sure it’s a huge weight off your shoulders. I fully support you and hope and pray you will have a long lasting, fun filled career and life. God Speed!!!!

  11. Brent says:

    Joe, Thank you. You are a fantastic singer and I sense, a great human being. Thank you for taking the courage and coming out. Your action is a great example of personal honesty and it will be a positive guide for many. May you have all the love and success this world can give you.

  12. Leah says:

    im so happy for you Joe!.you finally came are who you are and nothing can change it!…..your an amazing singer btw

  13. joe i think your amazing im a gay single boy and love your storys about u comming out your not alone weve all had to do it lol im so proud of u your amazing singer and entertainer cant waight to get your new album gonna cherrish i for years to come i wont forget a good boy like u in a hurry.

    EDIT: Removed Number, Please DO NOT try and post your phone numbers.

  14. steve hargreaves says:

    good luck to you joe
    i lived a lie for thirty years and when i came out people asked me why?
    my response was ” better to live a life than live a lie”
    my only regret is that society was far less accepting when i was your age, but that only spurs me on to feel proud of the youngsters of today the vast majority of which hold no such prejudices

  15. David Harris says:

    Just wanted to say how much I admire you Joe for your courage in coming out. It took me till aged 58 and it was the best decision i ever made. I think most people will applaud you as they are beginning to understand its not a choice to be gay, only to accept it.You are a very handsome, Intelligent and thoroughly nice guy. I wish you all the luck and success you so richly deserve.

  16. Nick says:


    I knew it already, and why? I don’t know; they say that gaypeople ‘ve got a gaydar. Maybe was my gaydar running during your tv-shows, because I saw it.. But don’t care the people who don’t accept you, care about the people who do respect you!


  17. sue says:

    your a lovely young man with an amazing voice and your family can be very proud of you

  18. Albert Spain(Gc) says:

    hi! I’m alberto and i’m from Gran Canaria .. i think you are amazing in every single way and one of my dreams would be to be able to meet you in person someday .. and if that could come true i would be the happiest person in the world .. love alberto!

  19. James says:


    First,I want to say i agree with everybody who left a comment on here…Who care what people say,I respect everybody for who they are and what they become..I have a gay uncle and I love him no matter what.his sexuality is.I love you Joe and I will support you and your choices in life…I cant wait for the new album to come out…

  20. Terence says:

    Good look mate i think you great i enjoyed you at sheffield arena in march

  21. Dan says:

    Joe, just felt that i needed to congratulate you on the brave move you made at the weekend, you truly are an inspiration to many who are scared about ‘coming out’ I know how hard it can be having gone through it myself, there is life after revealing your ‘true’ self and yes as you say in the article it is liberating, I hope that many will draw from you honesty and integrity and live their lives the way that they should! GOOD ON YOU JOE xx

  22. Dabion says:

    Hello Joe, good on you for coming out as Gay, I am very proud of you for doing it, but I already knew you were gay the first time I saw you first perform on the X-Factor, but The duet with George Michael gave it all away so quickly plus as an proudly openly Gay man myself I very pround of you & I surpport you 100% & I cant wait to buy your new album when it comes out.

    Lots of Love From Dabion XXX

  23. hey good for coming out as gay being gay a know what you were going throught at that age too the same thing happened to me also x

  24. jo says:

    Hi Joe. I will always LOVE U no matter what! I love ur voice, I can’t wait for ur coming album. I will 100% support and back U up.Keep soarin’ darlin’,follow ur dreams but remain humble ok. keep smiling! xxx

  25. Dicky says:

    Well done Joe. You are a beautiful young man. I fell in love with you on X-Factor and you’re coming out doesn’t change a thing. You have a great voice and a great personality and a great future. I wish you well and will definitely be buying your albums. As Dabion said – “the first time I saw you……….” It’s called Gaydar.
    Don’t change Joe, stay as you are, beautiful.

  26. Right from the very first moment I ever saw and heard Joe sing at the X Factor auditions last year I knew then that we had discovered a truly great singer. His vocal abilities are truly awesome. He has a vocal range and modulation of vocal power and breath control allied to perfect pitch and note perfection which other male pop singers can only dream of possessing. He is the real deal in every way possible, good looks ,amazing charm and a sensational singing voice. He can now add extreme courage to those list of attributes. He has now silenced the army of viscious and spiteful commentators who have orchestrated a campaign of innuendo against him and In doing so he has lifted the sword of Damacles which has hung over his life and career, hopefuly for good. Now perhaps his myriad of fans and supporters both here and abroad can concentrate on the completion of his debut album which I feel sure will win for him a triple platinum disc.
    He has displayed a brand of courage I have seldom witnessed in one so young and he deserves our continued support for everything he does.
    Well done young Joe we are all so very, very proud of you…. ..

  27. Rich says:

    well done joe, being a gay guy myself without the fame coming out was hard enough, but to come out to a nation has guts, so proud of u matey, im sure many ppl around you are proud of you to, keep going you have a voice of an angle, love ya joe

    Rich x

  28. James says:

    I Think its great what you’ve done, I know it wasent easy but you wanted to be honest. It does’nt change who you are your stil a great singer and if people don’t like you any more then they must me mad.


  29. Paddy says:


    You are a great singer, a great guy, down to earth and i think u are such a good role model!
    I hope u ‘coming out’ helps others to do so, living a lie is not what anyone wants but sometimes, its the only way to keep others happy, even tho u may b unhappy urself.
    In your case u are lucky people accept you for being gay, but its not always as easy for others who are ordinary people from ordinary backgrounds!
    Do you think you may try and work with young boys/men to help them get their real feelings out?
    Send me a quick email just to answer my questions because i think id love to work with young boys/men to help them in their difficult times and shoow them they are not alone, but i cnt do this myself, i need help, and there is no better person than you!
    Good luck mate Paddy x

  30. Rob in Texas says:

    Hey, Joe. There’re a lot of Joe McElderry fans here in the US (including many in our GLBT community) that’ve gotten to know you from your fansites as well as the many videos on The X Factor and YouTube websites. When are you coming stateside to make public appearances? I’d guess after the release of your initial album this fall. It appears you’ve a great career ahead of you — in music, modeling, and, maybe, the movies??? Good luck…and don’t keep us waiting too long here on this side of the Atlantic to see your smiling face and hear your wonderful singing voice on the telly. I think you might get to like us as you build your US fanbase.

  31. fluffy says:

    joe i think u r very brave in cumin out as bein a gay man i no how hard it is i am from the north east myself and i no there is a lot of narrow minded ppl in the north east so i found it hard in cumin out to but u r a pop star so the heat woz on u more i no there will be alot of ppl at home proud of u i no i am SO WELL DONE!!!!!! love u lots fluffy xxx

  32. Kris says:

    Joe all Poland love you
    All The Best

  33. Michael says:

    Congratulations on your honesty and courage Joe. I like you immensely, I love your voice and always knew you had a great career in front of you. Im not of your generation but like a grandad will always admire you. Stay true to your heart

  34. JJ says:

    Hey Joe :)
    Well done for coming out!
    brave of you to do so
    need a fellow gay to talk to
    Contact me :D

  35. Hi Joe, i hope you actually read the comments on this site, i was a community policeman for 25 yrs and as a gay man it was very diffficult , not from the public or collegues but from the system .things have changed a bit now, and i applaud you to come out, the sooner a person does this the better, i suffered for years in secret before telling my parents, my dad was a mackam so .but he was fine and it bought us closer together
    I now work as a NLP therapist in spain and world wide helping people to be happy in their lives and would welcome direct communication from you (NOT FOR CASH BUT FOR SUPORT )

    love and blessings joe rsvp

  36. Boué-Grabot Thomas says:

    Bravo pour ton coming out et bonne chance pour la suite tout simplement =)

  37. amamazing joe u made me cry ur amazing i probebly will never ever get to say hi with u as im in the same bussiness as u singing and i know what management laws are all about that stops u exchanging numbers ete i think the world of u joe your amazing when u came out as gay u made me cry as i was just so so happy that u took the big step. in this indestry there are plenty of usout there please take this saying to your gigs with u and lets change the world we live in and lets see more and more celebs and non celebs reach there full potential in being a big gay icon when ur at your gigs please represent us and say this to ur audience…

    some people are gay get over it awww hope this made u smile joe love justin xxxx

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  39. Ortin says:

    You are so brave! I really admire your courage as well as your talent.
    No matter how, I will keep supporting you as always.
    All the best : )

  40. alan seeley says:

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  41. Ben Jordan says:

    Well done Joe! May every success be yours, you deserve it m8. I came out when I was 15 and the best thing I ever did! Good luck in your career buddy and I hope to see you at a live gig soon. All the very best. Ben.

  42. Anthony says:

    Hi Joe

    You should feel hugely proud of your achevements, honest and integrity. Who ever you find as your soul mate in life will be so lucky to have you. I wish you all the very best in your future

  43. Domen says:

    I am very happy for you Joe. It takes a lot of courage to do that.

    At the end… it would be sad if a cute boy like you wouldn’t be gay anyway! ;)

  44. joe i was so devestated when u came out as gay i still love u but uve really hurt me and im really cross but i still love u hope i will win the competition 2 meet you in london and why did u delete your facebook account was it bcoz of me

  45. Greg says:

    You are so fit !!!!!!!!!! i love you

  46. georgina says:

    hiya joe- i have admired u from day one and i will never stop u are the best singer going and we have a lot of fans down in wiltshire who are dyin to meet u because u never come down this way it wud be nice if u cud but dont worry if u cant but let us know if u are please. honestly u wont meet bigger fans than us down here xxxxxxx love u joe xxxxxx <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  47. WILL says:


    Being a gay man of 44, I just wanted to let you know that the road will be roungh at times. Sometimes we hit potholes and it knocks our direction off a bit, but if you keep on the main road you will reach your destination.
    You are an amazing young man who I just happen to come across on Youtube. You have a wonderful career ahead of you and I hope I can get some of your music here in the USA! Keep on singing, Joe!

  48. Jonathan Forbes says:

    hey just want to say stay strong and stay proud there nothing to be ashamed of been gay, am gay myself and i think that the stronger you are and the prouder you are it makes life alot easier never let anyone tell you different. Kepp up the good work and i love ur new album classic x

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