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Joe's first single "The Climb" reached Number One and has gone Platinum. Joe has a new Album "Classic " Out and a Winter 2011 Tour.

Posted On: May 23, 2010 | Filed Under: Appearances, Joe McElderry, News

Joe McElderry popped back home to Newcastle to help open a new Teenage Cancer Hospital with The Duchess of York, her two daughters and lead singer of The Who Roger Daltrey.

The unit was designed with teenagers firmly in mind and includes a recreation room, kitchen, study, parents’ room, complementary therapy area and chill-out zone plus internet access, TV and music.

Source The Daily Star

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  1. aimee says:

    hi joe i ador you and loyd i went to your live tour at newcasle my hamster is namd after you she is called joe joe. i liked the song by taylor swift that song love story. when you were on the Xfactor me and my mam voted like 20 times evry night.On the final i nearly wet my self because i needed to go to the loo but i wanted to see who had won and YOU WON. i had praticly wet my self by then hearing the good news. when i go on youtube i always lisne to your songs. my mam always says are i love joe but for a joke i say uu hes far too youn for you (lololololol)
    lots of my love aimee
    p.s pleas pass on to loyd.

  2. aimee says:


  3. james clifton says:

    i love joe i think hes outstanding come on joe i wish i could meet him come on joe

  4. paige gracre says:

    happy 19th birthday joe :)

  5. keith says:

    i think this is a very worth while and very good thing you have done joe fair play.

  6. maria o dowd says:

    hey joe i was at the live x factor tour in dublin and i thought u were so good i really would love if u could message me back it would meen the world to me love u lots ur biggest fan Maria x x x x x x

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