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Joe's first single "The Climb" reached Number One and has gone Platinum. Joe has a new Album "Classic " Out and a Winter 2011 Tour.

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Joe McElderry has raised over £10,000 again for the Teenage Cancer Trust by running in the Great North Run. Joe is a Regional Patron for the Teenage Cancer Trust and completed the race in 1 hour and 42 minutes just outside last year’s time.

Above is a great bbc video on Youtube by Paula of Joe before, during and after his run.

You can visit the Teenage Cancer Trust HERE and you can visit Joe’s fundraising page HERE

Well Done Joe!! What do you think of Joe’s run?

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After parting with Simon Cowell and then going on to win Popstar to Operastar Joe McElderry is BACK with a bang with an Album of Classics including Nessun Dorma and Dance with my Father. Check out the latter above and tell us what you think,

Remember that the forums here are the place to discuss Joe McElderry and show him your support. Now Joe is back and on the right course lets get chatting we are sure he is going to become a true superstar.

We at are glad Joe is now being promoted using his biggest asset, His voice and we firmly believe Joe McElderry will go from strength to strength.

What do you think guys?

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Joe to appear on X Factor 2011

2009 X Factor winner Joe McElderry returns to the scene of his triumph this Sunday. Joe will perform his Debut single on the show, to continue a tradition where the previous winner returns. Joe has said he is very excited and that he will be rehearsing from the middle of the week for his appearance. It will be interesting to hear the judges comments and whether Joe sings Ambitions live. We cant wait for Sunday, Go Joe!!

I’m going back to The X Factor for the first time since winning it to perform Ambitions. It’s going to be scary but good fun. I can’t wait. It’ll be like a big reunion.

“It’ll be a different pressure this time, an exciting pressure.

“But I like a bit of pressure – I work well under it


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Here is a great Video of Joe shooting Ambitions in Bulgaria.

The Video is now available by searching for Joe McElderry Ambitions Official on YouTube. We would post it here but at the moment they wont allow embedding.

What do you think of the Behind the Scenes Video? Joe looks like he had a lot of fun.

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Joe’s long awaited Single is now known. It is called Ambitions and is a cover of Norwegian Band “DonkeyBoy”.
The single is an uptempo Pop/Dance version of Donkeyboy’s Song.

Here it is below.

What do you think? Comment Below or in the forums.

We LOVE It and prefer it to Donkeyboy’s. For anyone thinking oh no a cover. Remember Bleeding Love was not an original when Leona Lewis a previous X Factor winner released that.

We think this song will grow on people even those that are not sure about it.

The song is released on October 10th, make sure you buy it!!!!

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Here is a stunning video of Joe jamming a bit of Rihanna.

Its about to get very busy for Mr McElderry. A new Single called Somebody, a Debut album, an album launch and gig at London’s G-A-Y on October 23rd. Many people have wondered if Joe had vanished off the face of the earth. Far from it he has been busy recording his Album.

What do you think of the video? Is this the style you were expecting Joe to sing in? Do you think his album will be in this Style? Are you going to the G-A-Y appearance?

Check out our forums from the link at the top of this page.

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We think you have someone to beat for that title and give almost anyone a run for Biggest Joe McElderry Fan. Hooly, who posts on the forums here at the Fan Site (Link to Forum in menu at top of page), has a shrine set up at home. His “Joe Room” as he calls it, is absolutely crammed full with Joe McElderry memorabilia and Photos.

Paul has always been a huge supporter of Joe on this website and we challenge anyone to show us just how much you like Joe McElderry and what makes you a big Joe Fan.

What do you think of Hooly’s Joe Room? Do you have any stories of long journeys to see Joe, or photos of your Joe McElderry collection? Do you drive your friends and family nuts going on about Joe McElderry?

Let us know!

Paul’s Photos are below, of his superb Joe Room, click each picture to see a larger view of each.

What a great piece to celebrate our 1 year birthday of launched 12 months ago today, before X Factor first came on TV.

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Joe McElderry to appear at G-A-Y

Joe McElderry has confirmed that his new as yet Un-titled debut album will hit the shops on October 25th and he will launch the Album at london’s trendy G-A-Y nightclub 2 days before release date.

G-A-Y has had a number of huge pop stars appear there and it helped kick start Girls Aloud career while they were still trying to breakthrough.

“The direction before was a great direction,” he said. “Then we did one song and it changed the whole album.”

Joe Continued… “Now we have new songs in. It’s a modern kind of style and has gone down much pop-ier and up tempo.”

Joe also said that he has been working with producers who have worked with artists including Rihanna, Pussycat Dolls and Enrique Iglesias.

We cant wait! Are you going to see Joe McElderry at G-A-Y in London or have you pre ordered his Album?
Are you glad he has said its pop-ie and up tempo?

Post a comment below or in the Forum.

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Joe McElderry Announces he is Gay

Joe McElderry has announced to Gordon Smart of the Sun Newspaper that he is Gay. After lots of speculation about Joe’s sexual preference, everybody now knows what floats 19 Year Old Joe’s boat.

Mirroring Will Young in many respects after a landslide win in the Nation’s biggest TV Show, With screaming girls lusting after him. Then announcing after “I am Gay”.

Will Young announced his own Sexuality after his smash hit Evergreen, shortly after Winning Pop Idol and talking to the News of The World. At the time people worried if narrow minded people would affect his career, those worries proved unfounded and Will Young went on to be a massively successful Singer with a big fan base.

If Joe can now let his singing do the talking so to speak, he knows that this news will not hinder him. Will Young is one of the UK’s most adored Singers. There will be some Girls who adored Geordie Joe McElderry who may take time to get to grips with the news. Will Young proved that the voice is what counts and only Bigots and Homophobic people will give Joe stick. It also opens up a whole new fan base for Joe McElderry too.

Good on ya Joe, now hurry up and get this album out and get the Solo Tour on the road, we can’t wait and frankly we do not care who you fancy or whether they are Male or Female!

We are sure you will be just as successful as Will Young as you both have a superb voice and are loved by all.

Article From The Sun HERE (Opens in New Window)

Read Joe McElderry’s statement over on Joe’s Official Website HERE (Opens in New Window)

Add your comments below or Join the Forum. Are you gutted? Do you Care? Does it Matter? Or now are you pleased that Joe McElderry has Come Out as Gay?

The early signs are as most would have thought, very positive and that its no big deal for Joe McElderry’s fans or the public.

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Its nearly here, Despite some problems with earthquakes and a change of location to London from LA. Joe McElderry is working on his eagerly awaited Debut Album. John Shanks and Dallas Austin are working with Joe and these two have worked with the very best in the business, including Leona Lewis, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Take That, Pink and Michael Jackson.

So despite the Studio time being spent in London instead of LA, Joe still has the producers he wanted and was due to work with in America. Look out for some great Pop Songs and we have a feeling there maybe a bit of Hip Hop or RnB thrown in as Dallas Austin is the man when it comes to those type of songs.

Joe has been in the Studio in London for a few days and has been burning the midnight oil. We cannot wait to hear some of the new songs and for Joe to appear on TV singing them.

He said: “I’m having so much fun being in the studio and working on my album.

“The producers I have been working with are amazing and I love the whole process of being creative and making my own record.

“It’s so exciting.”

Its been a wait for Joe’s fans but we are sure it will be well worth it. Go to our Forums now (Main Menu at top of the page click Forum), register if you have not done so already and chat about all things Joe McElderry on the first ever Joe McElderry site to hit the Internet back in August 2009!.

Are we all excited?

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